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Original Fingerprint Bracelet - Sweetie

This stunning, chunky bracelet is the perfect way to keep those unique prints close at all times. A great option if you're ordering multiple pieces of fingerprint jewellery, or you're pairing up with an existing item. Contact your local jeweller to have the print made directly onto the piece. Or you can order a compound print kit and send the print back to us. This is a bracelet for the discerning buyer, especially commissioned by Smallprint from Italy. The sterling silver rings are bound together by flexible nylon chord, allowing it to slip on and off pretty much any size of wrist. Delicious! 


Quality: Each item of personalised jewellery is handcrafted from sterling silver.

Prints: Contact your local jeweller to have the print made direct onto the piece, or include a print compound kit with your order.

Bracelets: All of our bracelets are high-quality sterling silver.

Charm size: Approximately 1.5cm x 1.5cm, but the dimensions vary depending on the shape you choose.

Charm shapes: Heart, circle, teardrop. Choose your shape when you order.

Number of charms: More than one fingerprint? Just add more charms as you order.

Packaging: Personalised jewellery orders come beautifully packaged in their own box and bag, complete with a polishing cloth and care instructions.

Delivery: All posted jewellery items are sent by secure, signed for mail.