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Treasures, restoration and memories

April 01, 2021 1 min read

The Repair Shop

We are loving The Repair Shop as a series - it’s gentle, demonstrates great craftsmanship and stands for the opposite of a throw-away society by the very nature of the repairs. We appreciate quality craftsmanship and that learnt skills bring so much joy to others. Maybe it's even inspired a few people to take up their craft hobbies once again too?

From repairing lives to hosting The Repair Shop

But there’s more to it too. 7 million people are tuning in because the objects invariably come with their own sentimental value and that resonates deeply with many people. Cherished memories are kept alive and nurtured and preserved for future generations.

There’s been a big upsurge in crafting over the last year, many turning to learning new skills and enjoying simple hobbies once more. Sue Perkins' crochet burger (featured on the brilliant Grayson Perry’s Art Club) was utterly delightful. Her patience and satisfaction with her project evident, no doubt it inspired a few more of us to give it a go.

Sue Perkins crochet burger

It’s not always priceless heirlooms that bring us the most joy, but objects that hold deep memories within, and those which might have taken time and effort to produce. It seems to be the process and the effort which hold value. Memories that matter to us for the fabric of our lives and can offer a great deal of comfort – priceless and deeply personal, and we really get that.

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